Member Services

Coming Soon

As a nonprofit social club, Weirdcards Charitable Club provides its members with many exclusive services. We are working to update our website to give members better access to their benefits. Here are just a few of the sections you can look forward to in our upcoming “Members Services” section:

Member MarketPlace (Now available!)

Weirdcards sells a variety of merchandise to members, including metal dice, Weirdcards branded apparel, Magic: The Gathering singles, and much more. This has traditionally taken place exclusively at events- however, the Member Marketplace allows members to make purchases online, picking them up at the next event or with limited shipping.

If you are are a member and are interested in getting cards or accessories via the member marketplace, just send us a message!


Members’ Exclusive Events

We will have a single hub for all upcoming members’ only events, including special premium drafts, low-key get togethers, and our all-staff meetings. If it isn’t publically advertised, it will be listed here!

Online Resources

Whether it’s through a discord chat, a forum, or another communication method, we want the connections members form during our events to carry on even after the event is over. Additionally, these channels can serve as a hub for organizing rooms and rides for events, and other important collaborations between members. Member Services will include instructions for joining all of the communication channels we provide.

Stay tuned for updates on our Member Services section!