About Us

Weirdcards Charitable Club, Inc is a non-profit social club based out of Rochester, MN. We run local events every month, and travel to nearby conventions and large Magic: The Gathering tournaments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be social, generous, and inclusive, using games like Magic: The Gathering to teach, learn, and have fun.


We schedule local monthly events to connect with people from around our area.  We also participate in large regional Magic tournaments, giving our members a gathering point within the large venue to meet up, relax, and socialize during the chaos of the large events.  


We partner with various local charities to raise money for those in need, and to teach kids through games like Magic: The Gathering. Donating to a good cause should be easy, and our aim is to facilitate giving in a way that makes it almost automatic.


We welcome gamers of all ages, backgrounds, genders, and ability levels to come play games with us!  We teach Magic to anyone willing to learn, and also welcome people to play card games, board games, role-playing games, or video games.

Our Vision

To be the premier Magic Non-Profit, raising over $1 million dollars for local charities, while supporting the growth of the game in our local community.


Weirdcards Charitable Club's members live in and around Rochester, MN. They are those who participate in our local activities and contribute to the club financially. Membership requires a $5 contribution to the club each year, and we issue membership cards to all members.

Additionally, some members also give their time to running the club's day-to-day activities. Everything from organizing our events, to building decks for kids, to maintaining this website, is done by volunteers- none of our members are paid for their time. Any member who is interested in volunteering is welcome to attend our All-Staff meetings, or get involved with one of the teams that help make this all possible.