Our MagiKids program provides magic cards to teachers and mentors, in order to help teach younger players the game. Magic: The Gathering can be a great source of fun and learning for younger players, and while we hope some of them will continue to play and be a part of the Magic community as they grow older, the goal of MagicKids is to provide the experience of Magic: The Gathering to as many children as possible.


Another Man's Treasure

MagiKids uses unwanted card donations, among other resources, to provide qualifying organizations with what they need to run their own Magic clubs and programs. At GP Minneapolis 2018, we collected over a quarter million cards to fuel our efforts, and we continue to receive bulk at MagicFests, by mail, and from local players. We have served dozens of schools and other organizations, putting hundreds of thousands of unused cards to work.

Partners Near and Far

MagiKids has worked with a wide variety of organizations. We provide kits to teachers and mentors in organizations such as schools and after school programs. This program enables youth who may not otherwise have access to or be exposed to Magic: The Gathering to learn this game. Locally, we've provided decks to the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester, the local homeschool kids group, and other community partners. We've also delivered decks to schools in Texas, Delaware, Wisconsin, and many other locations throughout the country (and even one location in Canada!). A special thanks for the generous support of organizations such as Worldbuilders, which supplied us with over 1000 deck builder’s toolkits, and Legion Supplies, which has provided us with thousands of packs of sleeves and deckboxes.

If you are a mentor or teacher interested in our MagiKids program, please check out our MagiKids Program Application for more information.