MagiKids Program Application Form

If you are interested in MagiKids kits for your organization or group, please fill out the following form, and we will get in touch with you via email within a few days. Our kits’ composition varies, but you will receive cards (often decks or deckbuilder’s toolkits), and possibly dice, sleeves, or other goodies! Please be aware that despite our many amazing volunteers, it can take a bit to assemble the kits- so if your request is delayed, we apologize, just know that we are working to get it out to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for all you are doing to engage with youth through this great game, and to grow our amazing community. We're excited to help!

Weirdcards will cover domestic shipping costs for MagiKids kits. International shipping costs will need to be prepaid by the receiving organization.

Name *
The organization or group which will be using the cards
Your role(s) within the organization or group
Extra Bulk
Some teachers and mentors have found it useful to have some extra color-sorted bulk, so that there's a way for kids to upgrade and customize their decks. Would you like to receive some, if there is extra room in your box?
Most of Weirdcards Charitable Club's support comes from word of mouth and from people seeing the Club in action. How will your organization publicly recognize Weirdcards' donation, so we can continue to grow this program? (e.g. social media, newsletter, etc)
Shipping Address *
Shipping Address
The location for the kits to be sent- please use your organization's address, if possible
Anything else you would like to let us know, or questions you would like answered