How It Works

Our MagiKids program is designed to provide kids with an accessible and easy way to engage with the game. We ship unsorted bulk, as well as getting started information, and magic accessories like sleeves and deckboxes (based on what we have had donated) to teachers and mentors across the US. They can then use those cards and resources to teach kids Magic, and allow them to play the game.

In our local programs, we use our model of Sort, Build, Play, to help them get familiarized with and learn about the cards as they’re getting started.


The first step is sorting. While we used to provide sorted bulk or even pre-made decks, we found the time and effort required to produce them be prohibitive. We simply could not keep up with demand. Even more than that, we’ve since found that the process of sorting into colors gives the kids a good first exposure to the cards before diving into playing. Whether it’s appreciating the card art, laughing at a card’s funny flavor text, or reading a card’s abilities, there is a lot that can be gained during the color-sorting process.

We usually start a session by asking about the qualities of the various colors, so that the returning MagiKids can show off and strengthen their knowledge, and so the newer players can start to get a feel for what each color represents. Then we break out the box of bulk, and let get them get started sorting!


The next logical step is building. We provide them with the roughest guidelines (X lands, X creatures per deck, etc), but otherwise, we let them go! We generally encourage them to start with one or two colors for their deck. While their deck will probably consist of randomly picked cards the first time around, there’s a lot to be learned from the iterative process of build, play, rebuild, repeat. Not to mention that building their own decks gives them ownership, which you just can’t get with something pre-built.

Whether it’s letting them take them home right away, or as part of some incentive structure, we recommend allowing the kids to not only use their deck, but to give them actual ownership of those cards. That ownership can mean a lot, and it allows them to continue the learning and play outside of your program’s time. If needed, we can always send more cards!


Of course, the part everyone has been waiting for! This is an integral part of the MagiKids experience, and perhaps what you’ve been waiting for. We recommend pods of 2-5 players. The players form pods to play in as they finish building.

A deep knowledge of Magic: The Gathering isn’t required to run a club (as helpful as it may be). Just knowing the basics, as well as where to find rules answers, is generally sufficient. Student leaders are also very helpful, as far as answering rules questions. Over time, even the non-player mentors we’ve worked with have inevitably grown comfortable with the game, picking up enough to help out as needed. If they provide the space and time, we’ll provide the cards, and help however we can!

Are you interested in joining our MagiKids program? Do you want to get something started in your school or organization, but don’t know the next steps? Check out our Getting Started page!