The History of MagiKids


MagiKids, like most organizations, began with an idea- what would happen if we took people’s unwanted Magic cards (largely commons and uncommons, “bulk” as they’re widely known), and turned them into Magic decks for kids? As Magic players, we knew how much there is to learn through the game, not to mention how enjoyable it is. What would happen if we took those unused cards and gave them to kids, to learn and play with?

Well, as it turns out, you turn into a rapidly growing organization that serves hundreds of kids across the country.

MagiKids began not with a bang, but with a trickle. The early days of the MagiKids program, during the summer of 2018, began with us using the donated cards to make commander decks for the local Boys and Girls Club, and the local homeschoolers group. We then began to advertise the program on social media, and ship out decks to organizations who expressed interest. We ramped up our efforts with GP Minneapolis 2018, where tournament organizer Channel Fireball allowed us to put out collection boxes for cards- netting us over a quarter million cards from that event! We started holding deckbuilding and card holding sessions, and our volunteers were a bit overwhelmed. Meanwhile, with the launch of our website and online form for MagiKids, the demand for decks soon began to exceed what we could make.

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